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Respite Care (We Care For Your Loved One like Family)

We Care For Your Loved One like Family

They are making life easier for seniors and their families.
When caregivers need a short break, they can trust the professionals at Sadie G. Mays to take excellent care of your loved one. This temporary solution can help take the burden off you so you can focus on taking care of yourself.
For periods ranging from 15 to 30 days, the professionals at Sadie G. Mays will make sure your loved one is comfortable and well cared-for. Nursing staff will provide care, which includes medication administration. Our dietary and activities staff will make sure that he or she is well-fed and engaged in activities. Our respite care fee covers room, board, activities, and nursing services. Respite care must be paid in advance via cash, check or credit card. Payment for respite care may also be made through Veteran’s benefits or hospice companies. The family must provide the medication for the resident, which will be administered by our nursing staff. Physical, occupational or speech therapies are not included in the cost of respite care.

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What Is Respite Care?
Respite care is a short period, usually 15 to 30 days, in which another person or a facility takes over caring for your loved one while you travel or tend to other important matters.

Who Can Benefit From It?

Respite care can benefit both the primary caregiver and the person receiving care. It relieves caregivers of the constant responsibility of caring for a loved one. It also helps promote socialization and stimulation for the person receiving care, as different individuals interact with them during respite care periods.
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If you could benefit from respite care services, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about how we can help. We are committed to providing high-quality care for your loved one as if they were our family members. Let us alleviate some of the burdens.

Short-term nursing home stays

Short-term nursing home stays: for those in need of more intensive medical attention, we offer temporary stays in our skilled nursing facilities

As always, our priority is providing compassionate, high-quality care for your loved ones. Trust us to take good care of them while you take a break from your responsibilities as a caregiver. Contact us today to learn more about our respite care services.

How Respite Care Works

Our staff members will work closely with you and your loved one’s primary caregivers to ensure a smooth transition and excellent support for your loved one during their time in our care.

We treat each individual under our care like they are part of our own family, providing them with the compassionate care they deserve.

If you are interested in learning more about our Respite Care Services, please contact us. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your loved one.

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Who We Are

Did You Know?
Statistics show that family caregivers taking regular breaks from their caregiving duties have a lower risk of developing chronic health conditions, such as depression and high blood pressure.

Tips For Ensuring A Smooth Transition Into Respite Care

Following are the steps to take for a smooth transition into respite care services:



Our family experience with Sadie G. Mays Health & Rehabilitation Center has been wonderful. The staff is caring and certainly patient. Above all, they are all professional and full of empathy. No matter when I popped in, things were always in order and there seemed to be a smile on every face. Including security! I especially like that they follow protocols and ensure patient safety. I highly recommend this sweet place if your loved one is ever in need ..or if you wish to donate.

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